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Italian Baby Names

Many Italian baby names are listed below. At we create great personalized gifts for babies and the entire family. We work with baby names all the time and understand how important choosing your baby's name is.

Boy's names

Adalfieri - Noble Oath, Adrian - From Adria a Northern Italian City, Angolo - Angel, Anastasio- Resurrection, Angelo- Messenger, Arrigo - Estate Ruler, Augustus- Worthy of Respect, Belvedere - Beautiful to See, Benedict - Blessed, Benvenuto - Welcome, Biagio - Stutterer, Bonadventure -Blessed undertaking, Bravo - Excellent/Courageous, Celesto- Heavenly, Carlo- Charles, Dante- Everlasting, Dino- Small sword, Donato- Present, Elba- Place in Italy, Enrico- Leader of the House, Enzio- Ruler at home, Enzo- To win, Ezio- eagle, Fiorello- Little Flower, Gaetan- Area in Italy, Gino- Living forever, Giovanni- God is good, Giancarlo- John and Charles, Iago- Grabs by the heel, Julio- Roman clan name, Leonardo- Bold as Lion, Lorenzo, Luciano- Light, Nuncio- Messenger, Orsini- Bearlike, Orlando- Famous Land, Pino- God will add, Primo- First son, Renzo- Laurel, Romeo-Pilgram visiting Rome, Silvio- Forest, Tomaso- Twin, Ugo- Intellect,Umberto- Famous German

Girl's Names

Adriana- Black Earth, lda- old, Albina- White, Aria- Melody, Balbina- Stutterer, Bambi- Child, Benitri- God has blessed, Bianca- Whit, Caprice- On a whim, Cara- Dear, Carina- Darling, Carla- Woman, Dalmassa- Area in Italy, Donna- Women of the home, Enrica- Leader of the house, Fabrizia- One who works with hands, Fiammetta- Sputtering flame, Filippina- Lover of horses, Fortunata- Roman goddess of luck, Gaetana- Area in Italy, Gia- Queen, Giacinta- Hyacinth, Gianina- God is good, Giovanna- God is good, Guida- guide, Ignazia- On fire, Imelda- Embracing the fight, Julietta- Downy, Louiza- Famous soldier, Lunneta- Moon goddess, Marinna- From the sea, Mia- Mine, Roma- Rome, Serena- Serene, Valeria- Strong, Zaira- Princess, Zola- Piece of the earth